Rotary gas meters

ELSTER RVG rotary gas meters are volume measuring instruments for gaseous media and operate according to the displacement principle. They register the gas volume under working conditions. In order to correct the measured value to the standard volume, electronic volume correctors can be used.
RABO G16 - G250
RABO combines tried-and-tested product features of previous rotary gas meters from Elster-Instromet and is a convincing product because it offers a large range of future-oriented features.more

RVG-ST G10-G25
Robust compact rotary gas meters for screwed or flange connection in aluminium housingmore

RVG G16-G400
Compact rotary gas meters in aluminium or ductile cast iron housing for pressure rates PN 16 / ANSI 150more

IRM-1 is a rotary positive displacement gas meter with separate measuring cartridge for minimum interaction with installation conditionsmore

The IRM-3 DUO is a very robust, compact rotary piston meter with quadratic piston shape and aluminium housingmore