• Training


Gas Quality Analyser EnCal 3000



  • Design and type of action of PGC EnCal 3000 natural gas and biogas
  • Design and structure of the RGC3000 application software
  • Operating the gas-net EnCal 3000 evaluation unit
  • Setting of parameters
  • Carrying out a calibration
  • Connecting and measuring test gases
  • Connecting the evaluation unit
  • Questions and ideas

Safety footwear and a laptop with administrator rights are required (installation of the RGC3000 software)


Target Group
Service technicians and auditors who carry out tests and function checks of the EnCal 3000.


The aim is to enable independent evaluation of chromatograms and the completion of a basic calibration as well as accompanying official calibration activities and fault analysis on the device.


16./17. August 2022 .
04./05. January 2022 .