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Applications and solutions

The bigger the transaction, the bigger the risks involved. For us there are no standard projects or specifications. All components are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house to maximize added value once they are combined in an integrated system. Every project is a tailor made job based on client specifications, to which we appoint a dedicated team of experienced, professional mechanical and welding engineers. 



Custody transfer
Visual Our recommended way of working for custody transfer applications is our so-called 'Total Energy Concept', where we use two measurement principles (turbine and ultrasonic) in series,  and compare two volumes generated in real-time. Combined with our gas chromatographs, approved flow computers and supervisory systems we deliver an optimized integrated solution that:

offers the lowest uncertainty available in the market today
increases reliability
decreases maintenance cost
lowers your risk
makes sure there is fair billing of traded natural gas


Typical components
Typically our Integrated Metering Solutions consist of a few components:
  • Ultrasonic Gas Meters: Ultrasonic meters are electronic measuring devices that have no physical moving parts, resulting in ample advantages when using this Technology
  • Turbine Gas Meters: Our turbine gas meters have a very good reputation and are considered the standard in 80% of the major regional calibration facilities around the world
  • Gas Chromatographs and other analyzers
  • Safety & Control Valves
  • Temperature and Pressure Transmitters
  • Supervisory Suite ISSplus