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Elster Group

We are a leading global provider of gas, electricity and water meters and related communications, networking and software solutions. 

The Elster Group employs more than 7,500 staff and operates in more than 39 countries. Our diverse portfolio of products and solutions are used to accurately and reliably measure gas, electricity and water consumption as well as enable energy efficiency and conservation. 

We sell our products and solutions to utilities, distributors and industrial customers across gas, electricity, water and multi-utility organizations for use in residential and commercial and industrial settings. Our customers operate in more than 130 countries and include numerous large, medium and small utilities.



Gas Metering, Distribution and Utilization
No other company can deliver products, systems and solutions for the natural gas industry across the global gas market like Elster. For more than 175 years we have engineered the vital connections between integral infrastructure, technologies and communities with our best-in-class products and solutions for measurement, regulation and the safe control and application of gases.

With Integrated Metering Solutions Elster-Instromet develops innovative concepts to provide you with an effective and constructive technology for your up- and midstream gas quality and gas volume measurement challenges.
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Elster is a worldwide market leader for state-of-the art high accuracy down-stream gas measurement and regulation. Elster-Instromet and Elster American Meter supply you worldwide with Meter and SMART meter systems, communication modules to the head end system and many more. Furthermore Elster Perfection offers a complete line of gas distribution products that allow installers to make safe and fast easy connections from “main to meter” and from “tank to house”.
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Under the roof of Honeywell Thermal Solutions, 5 global brands contain all safety, measuring and controlling expertise within the field of industrial heat processes and combustion offering a comprehensive product and service portfolio.
Kromschröder, providing controls for safe heating, measuring and controlling industrial heat processes. Eclipse, providing high temperature furnace burners, air heating burners and glass burners. Hauck, providing burners for the asphalt industry. Exothermics, providing air-to-air heat exchangers. Honeywell Combustion Safety, offering comprehensive and consistent combustion safety inspections and programs.
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Electricity Solutions and Energy Management
Elster electricity meters, communications and energy management platforms are engineered for residential, commercial and industrial, and interchange metering applications.

Elster solutions brings together an experienced team of people, cutting-edge technologies and strategic partners to deliver world class products, systems and services to our utility clients worldwide. The company has two main areas of business - electricity metering products and Smart Metering and Smart Grid system solutions. We engineer fully interoperable smart electricity metering products through custom-made options for our utility customers and award-winning end-to-end solutions for the Smart Grid, our multi-utility advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems for water, gas and electricity around the world.

Energy management solutions enable you to grow and maintain your energy efficiency programmes with continuous savings. Our solutions provide you with the information, the insight and the intelligence you need to control your energy consumption across your entire organisation.

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Water Metering and Distribution
Elster engineers award-winning metering and communication systems for water utilities and industries to meet the demands of our expanding and increasingly connected global community.

Elster Water Metering Limited is a world leader in providing innovative water metering solutions, including low flow and leakage detection applications. Elster Water Metering manufactures water meters for utility, commercial and domestic use and offers a complete water metering portfolio including solutions for revenue metering, cost allocation, network monitoring, distribution, radio reading, smart metering systems and industrial applications.

Location in Ocala, Florida, US, Elster AMCO Water is an industry leader in the development and implementation of innovative water metering solutions to the water industry and is committed to delivering superior customer service and high quality products.

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