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Gas Piping Systems

These days, increasing competition is forcing natural gas suppliers to minimize their costs at all times. Lots of supply companies are therefore subjecting their existing methods for connecting plastic pipes to a critical review. In contrast to the conventional fusion joining method, mechanical pipe coupling systems are establishing themselves in gas distribution systems as safe, cost-effective, easy-to-install alternatives to conventional fusion joining methods.

Elster Perfection is using new methods to develop solutions for connecting plastic pipes. Elster Perfection, a specialist and manufacturer, is now also launching the mechanical pipe coupling and tapping tee systems Permasert and PermaLock for pressure ratings of up to 10 bar for the European natural gas market. These comprise a complete range of products for the mechanical connection of PE plastic distribution pipelines installed in underground trenches which have DVGW and European approvals and certificates.

Since the market launch in the USA more than 40 years ago, this system has proven successful. Today, it is among the safest and most commonly used systems for the mechanical connection of plastic, i.e. PE, pipes.

More than 50 million Permasert couplings and PermaLock tapping tees are currently in use, not just in America and Canada, but also in Europe, Asia as well as in Australia and the Near and Middle East in a very wide range of climatic and soil conditions.

Since 1995, more than two million mechanical connections have been made in gas distribution grids in Europe using Elster Perfection products. Gaz de France, E.ON and the then British Gas were the first gas supply companies in Europe to have installed Elster mechanical pipe couplings and tapping tees.