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Gas Regulating

Elster gas pressure regulators meet the highest demands concerning quality and capacity. A comprehensive range of gas pressure regulators from low pressure PN 0.1 up to high pressure PN 100/ANSI 600 is available. The applications range from low-capacity residential use for individual households, commercial and industrial uses up to the field of gas transmission where it is necessary to control high flow capacities. A large variety of safety features is available for all of the different pressure levels. Separate safety shut off valves and relief valves are also available for high-pressure applications. They meet the highest standards in terms of performance and quality. All our regulators and governors are in accordance with EN 334 and EN 14382 or DIN 33822 and are approved by DVGW.



Low pressure regulators
Elster regulators of the low pressure series are available in several different configurations and connection sizes. Beside the meter service governor there are also in line and coaxial type regulators available. A low pressure cut-off is optional. The regulators are fire safe and DVGW approved according to VP200.


Medium pressure regulators
Elster regulators of the medium pressure series are available in a wide range of different nominal pressures, design features and connections. Beside the standard integrated safety shut-off valve (SSV) other safety devices can be chosen as an integrated limited capacity relief valve or a low pressure cut-off. The range of medium pressure regulators encloses balanced one stage inlet pressure regulators and two stage regulators with nominal pressures of PN 1, PN 5 and PN 6. The PN 1 and PN 5 units are fire safe according to the German standard DIN 33822. All units are approved by DVGW according to the pressure equipment directive (PED):
  • PN 1/PN 5 bar in accordance with DIN 33822
  • PN 6 bar in accordance with EN 334 / EN 14382


High pressure regulators
Elster high pressure regulators are designed for use in the industrial sector but also in the field of public gas supply. The units are approved by DVGW according to the Pressure Equipment Directive
97/23/EC (PED) in conjunction with EN 334 / EN 14382.


Safety devices
Elster has developed a range of safety control devices to guarantee the safe control of gas to protect equipment and appliances from excessive variations above and below the designed pressure parameters. This includes pressure and creep relief valves, over pressure and under pressure slam shut valves and low pressure cut off valves.
They can be used with natural, liquified petroleum and manufactured gases.
These units, designed where appropriate to National and International standards, give high efficiency and sensitivity with maximum flow and minimum pressure loss.