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Our expertise

Metering technology is our passion.

Ever since 1848, Elster-Instromet has played an important role in developing metering technology. From assisting with gas measurement 50 years ago at one of the largest gas deposits at the time (in Slochteren, the Netherlands) we have evolved into a global leader in fiscal flow and energy measurement products, stations and services for the natural gas industry.

We have a reputation of delivering high-quality and innovative gas measuring and regulating devices. Our global expertise and integrated approach with a team of various specialists allow us to provide you with a total concept to meet your requirements and manage the whole project for you.



Project management

Let us take the project off your hands

An effectively functioning system that is delivered in accordance with the contract, within the agreed period and for the agreed price. That is what you can expect from us.

Your dedicated Project Manager functions as your fixed point of contact and represent your interests when dealing with the different relevant functions in our company that are involved in the creation of your solution. He ensures that your project is supported with relevant documentation, -including functional design specifications, drawings, manuals, product data sheets, material certificates and maintenance procedures-, keeps all parties involved and remains your contact person after delivery for service and support.


Our engineering capabilities

As soon as you agree to work with us you will start to experience what we mean with providing peace of mind. We will do what we can to supply you, our customer, with a total solution: an engineered, customized system to help you with your needs. We offer long term experience in different areas:
We also offer assistance during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for all equipment, and do the commissioning and start-up for you, or be your back-up during this procedure.


Mechanical engineering
  • Risk & stress analysis of the mechanical components and/or assembled station
  • Wall thickness calculations
  • Preparation of basic design documents such as P&ID & lay-out drawings
  • Preparation of all detailed mechanical documents required for construction, erection & maintenance of the station
  • Selection of mechanical procurement materials & equipment in compliance with client specifications
  • Assistance during Factory Acceptation Test of the equipment
  • Back-up assistance during commissioning
  • Aftersales back-up


Electrical and instrumentation engineering
  • Explosion risk evaluation of the equipment and/or assembled station.
  • Calculation of cable capacities.
  • Design of cabinets & junction boxes.
  • Preparation of all required basic & detailed electrical engineering documents.
  • Selection of electrical & instrumentation equipment.
  • Assistance during Factory Acceptation Test of the equipment.
  • Back-up assistance during commissioning.
  • Aftersales back-up


System engineering
  • Preparation of the hardware communication configuration diagram.
  • Preparation of required basic & detailed engineering documents.
  • Configuration of station’s supervisory system software.
  • Selection of required equipment & software
  • Configuration of software for flow computers & other equipment
  • Assistance during Factory Acceptation Test of the equipment.
  • Back-up assistance during commissioning.
  • Aftersales back-up.


Ultrasonic engineering
  • Configuration of the Ultrasonic Meters as per project specifications.
  • Ultrasonic noise calculations
  • Validation of station’s design with regards to measurement accuracy.
  • Preparation of Ultrasonic Meter detailed manufacturing documents.
  • Assistance during Factory Acceptation Test of the equipment.
  • Back-up assistance during commissioning.
  • Aftersales back-up.