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BK-G40, BK-G65, BK-G100


BK-G40, BK-G65 and BK-G100 are compact, light-weight industrial diaphragm gas meters that have been designed to meet the highest demands with respect to measuring accuracy and safety. The innovative new developments are based on the experience of many decades. The gas meters are supplied with screwed cases made of deep-drawn steel sheet as a one-pipe version and – for horizontal and vertical installations – as a two-pipe version.


Technical data
  • Cyclic Volume:
    BK-G  40: 18 dm³
    BK-G  65: 24 dm³
    BK-G100: 48 dm³

  • Rangeability:
    BK-G  40: 0.4   -    65 m³/h
    BK-G  65: 0.65 - 100 m³/h
    BK-G100: 1.0   - 160 m³/h

Subject to change without prior notice