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2014, Volume 1

Profiles 2014, Volume 1EDITORIAL
Striving for positive change responsibly

Flow computer enCore FC1
Modular in hardware and software

PETRONAS’ first FLNG facility:
ELSTER plays an important part as a key supplier

Enhancing security and lifetime for your supervisory system:
Time to act!

Is less more?
It is with the TwinSonicplus

Residential, commercial and industrial diaphragm gas meters:
New technology – innovative index solutions

Fast conversion of the oldest biogas injection plant
Turn OLD into NEW!

Shale gas exploration: Hauck technology at the fore

Established in the Middle East:
ELSTER NV/SA activities in the IMS business

A major review of Britain’s gas infrastructure:
RIIO – £24 billion spent over eight years

How 4 meters are helping Beijing to get clean air
LNG terminal built to replace coal as fuel for Beijing

TurbinScope® diagnostic tool
More than just a stethoscope