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2018, Volume 2

Profiles 2018, Volume 2Editorial
Smart Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Honeywell Connected Gas
Welcome to a New World of Insights

Rotary Gas Meter RABO Gains Additional Market Approval In North America
Welcome Canada!

Information about Changes to Diaphragm Meters
Wind of Change

Connecting Plant, People, and Assets: THE POWER OF CONNECTED
Introducing Measurement IQ for Gas

Augmented Reality in the Gas Business
Smart Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Permasert 2.0: Efficiency and Mechanical Couplings
One Goal - Safe, Efficient, Reliable Gas Delivery

New: EnCal 3000 proChain
Accurate Online Natural Gas Heating Value Determination

Honeywell Smart Energy:
Best-in-Class Metering Solutions and Communication Technology

Further Development of EC 350:
Honeywell ER 350 Pressure Recorder

State Youth Sience and Technology Competition "Jugend forscht"
Subwoofer Becomes Fire Extinguisher

Key Element in Value Chain
Cloud link 4G modem Updated With New Low Power Cat M1 Radio

Gas Meter with NB-IoT:
Connected and Smarter

Total Care Field Instrumentation Services
Protecting Your Gas Metering Investments

FORCE Technology
The World's Largest Closed Loop

Global Product Marketing Manager
You Will Meet Us Soon ...

MasterLink Configuration & Calibration Software
Honeywell MasterLink R510

GDPR and What it Means for You and Honeywell
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WGC 2018
Honeywell at the World Gas Conference

Milestones in Honeywell Business With MLGW:
EYSCO Measuring Up at MLGW for Honeywell