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2019, Volume 1

Profiles 2019, Volume 1Editorial
When Firmware Rules Hardware, Be Ready for Surprises

Pivoting to a Hydrogen Economy
Water, Anyone?

Rotary Gas Meter RABO® With Extended 1:200 Measuring Range
A GOOD Product Made Even Better

Growing Market for Honeywell GVUs
It Takes a Train to Make a Ship Run More Cleanly!

Gas Grids and Gas Quality
Automation Technology Meets Natural Gas Distribution

Versatile & Ideal in Practical Use
FE260 With Ethernet Interface

No Spark Without Software
Bits and Bytes Secure Gas Supplies for the Future

The New EnCal 3000 proChain, the Next Link in the Chain of Fiscal Measurement
Chromatography Made Easy

Significant Milestone for a Key Gas Market
SM-RI-X and TRZ2 Certified for Algeria

TwinSonicplus and Ultrasonic Meter
When you Need a Second Option ...

Metrological Approvals for Gas Meters in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
Tested and Approved!

From ComFTP to FTP
COMPLETE Device Configuration Using a SINGLE Interface

Smart Metering Roll-out in Europe
Honeywell Supplies Smart Gas Meters for the Luxembourg Gas Market

Real-life Experiences
Stay on the Safe Side With the HON5020

Honeywell Channel Partner Conference in Asia
Mobile Solutions & Smart Data Applications Were a Major Topic

WEE or E-Waste
What Does This Actually Mean?

Fun From the Gas World