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Service and support

A Global Company. Your Local Partner.

Elster-Instromet can help you save time and money by providing excellent service, support and training all around the world.
We have specialists available at different locations to help you improve your project implementation scheduling and cost.



Installation services
At Elster-Instromet we understand how complicated starting up a new plant or process can be, and that this phase is one of the most risky and most challenging from a  technical perspective in many projects.
We assure you that our own team of highly trained and experienced service engineers will install, test and commission your equipment and system properly and that your system reaches peak performance within the time restraints.

We can provide all services during they key phases of the start-up operation, such as:

  • Supervision of correct installation
  • Pre-commissioning, testing & verification of all equipment, system & components
  • Operational Testing
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Installation
  • Start-up
  • Commissioning


Support services
Whenever you have a problem and need assistance fast, we have a helpdesk system for all your service specific questions. Our helpdesk database is filled with solutions for common questions, so we dare guarantee that you will find a solution to your problem fast.
Just contact our Helpdesk Support Service via e-mail on aftersales@honeywell.com.  All requests are registered in a dedicated system, and are assigned a unique ticket number that can be used for easy reference.

Remote Support System
Our unique Remote Support System (RMS) allows remote servicing of installation from our Global Support Center, based in Essen, Belgium. RMS has proven to dramatically reduce downtime because of the opportunity to provide immediate site support by one of our system engineers.

We offer a full range of result driven training courses to customers worldwide. Courses are available for all our products and services, covering operation, commissioning and maintenance.
Training can be in a class-room setting or hands-on, in-house or on-site, and both ready-made as well as tailored to your needs.


Corrective services
Emergency call-out
Our emergency call-out service gives you access to our service engineers who will troubleshoot and help resolve unplanned downtime, problems affecting critical operation and other urgent issues that prevents your business from running as usual.

Workshop and on-site repair
We offer repair services on all Elster-Instromet products, either at your site or in our own factory repair shop.

The fact that we produce everything in-house has quite some advantages:

  • we know your products inside out and can carry out repairs quickly and reliably
  • we make sure we maintain the highest quality level
  • we always use original spares
  • we can work very cost efficient

Before we send your equipment back to you we make sure everything is tested and reset in line with the original specifications.

Our services cover both products within or outside warranty coverage. However, should repair be no longer economically viable, we will immediately suggest an alternative.


Preventive maintenance
At Elster-Instromet we believe in preventive inspections and maintenance to help avoid malfunctions in the parts that are essential to the proper functioning of your equipment and system.

Preventive maintenance helps to:

  • avoid extensive and costly repairs at a later date
  • maximize reliability
  • maximize performance of your equipment and/or System

Our experienced service technicians inspect your equipment and check and verify proper operation. You then receive a complete report to explain the maintenance measures that must be performed.


Calibration & validation services
We understand that you want to be assured of regulatory compliance.
Our metering solutions support a number of features to allow verification of the system that is used by our service program for periodic validation.
This way you can ensure that your metering equipment performance has not deviated significantly from specified tolerances, and is still working to the required accuracy in the most cost effective way.

Our experienced service engineers adhere to strict standards.