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Welcome to our Technical support info page

For general technical support on Honeywell Elster gas measuring products, please contact ElsterSupport@honeywell.com.

For Honeywell Elster Ultrasonic gas meters, please contact Aftersales@honeywell.com.

We are happy to answer your technical questions on product handling.

Proven problem-solving approaches and answers to many questions can also be found in our technical knowledge database at: www.honeywellprocess.com/support 

In order to receive immediate telephone support and discounted remote services and trainings, please order a TCL contract (TotalCare Lite).
TotalCare Lite - Service Contract



For general questions about products, please contact your local sales office.

Do you need data sheets, manuals, or other documents? Then you can visit our product pages or our Docuthek.

For technical support of other (non gas) products please contact:
Electricity meters:  e-info@honeywell.com  Tel.: +49 6134/605-777
Water meters:       vertrieb.wasser@honeywell.com  Tel.: +49 6251/59301-0
Heat meters:         info@brummerhoop.de  Tel.: +49 421/43560-0